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I feel quite happy at the moment :)
i  for the last 4 days all i have eaten was sum shitty chicken thing at school, just to convince my friends i was fine.
Im so proud last time i weighed myself i have lost 5 lbs! soo now im around 107 :) feel quite proud but i need to get down to my goal off, 80 lbs! last weighed myself 2days ago so hopefully another 5 lbs have gone?? i drink alot off water and make my self throw it up, this makes me lose even more weight :) im so glad i have someone i can talk to and trust, her names brooke i met her on here not long ago but ever since iv had the courage to not eat ..
anyway sorry if i have borred you all to death! but it makes me feel better when i tell the world how im getting on. ok well im going for a jog in a minute before i go 2 bed, well i wont be able to sleep and will end up doing more crunches :)
anyway THINK THIN :) i know you can do it :)

would like too hear about how everyone is getting on :) but i dont really understand how to work this web site so if anyone says something to me and i dont answer, thats why.

ok thats all for now..

THiiNK THiiN :)

love you all, couldn't possibly live with-out you.

jess :) x x x

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my mum is really worried about me, iv lost another 1 lb :) yay me! but its starting to show on my face .. 
today my mum has made me eat tea with biscuits :(.. im so ashamed i had 4 cookies :( 200 cals :(
i nearly started a binge :(.. i have gone from thursday night, now my fast is runined :(..
anyone feel the same :(
sorrry just thought id let u no.
if u read this BROOKE go on msn i need your support :(

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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Hiya Im Jess, 16 years old,  Need Some Support.. Heres The Stats:

height: 5'8
current weight: 8 stone / 112 lbs.
lowest weight: 95 lbs, i think.
goal weight: 100 lbs.
goal weight 2: 90 lbs!

i need to loose at least 12 lbs before next monday, need tips!!
i have mia, un-diagnosted.
add me to friends / message me, because i dont understand how to do anything eles on  here!!
thanks :)


remember : Think Thin :)

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful

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from taking the advice from my new buddie, brooke < i love u brooke!!

2 pints off water, finger pumping then yellow sick everywhere!!

i feel soo proud. it makes you feel alot better!

fanks alot brooke!!

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hey im new here.
well thats it really and oh yeh, i cant eat without feeling sick, and my mum makes sure i eat :(
can any1 help i need 2 stop eating, its driving me insane,
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